General Studio Terms and Conditions

You agree and understand that Milner Studios owns and retains the copyright of all images taken and all images are protected under international copyright laws.

In the unlikely event that the photographer is injured, become too ill, or has an emergency that prevents us from photographing your scheduled photoshoot, we will contact you as soon as possible, to arrange another suitable date and time. In this event, any session fees made are fully refundable to you if you choose not to reschedule another photoshoot.  

Milner Studios cannot guarantee that the images taken will not become lost, stolen, or destroyed through camera malfunction, data corruption, or otherwise lost, stolen, or damaged for reasons within or beyond our control.  In this event, Milner Studios liability shall be limited to a refund all monies paid by you for the photoshoot, or to reschedule the photoshoot to an agreed new date.

In the event of you or one of your family members becomes ill, we can reschedule your photoshoot without any loss of your session fee if we are notified as soon as possible.

Once you have purchased your portraits (including printed products and/or digital files) you are granted a licence to use your images for personal use and they can be used for sharing with your friends and family on social media sites, for corporate headshots, model or acting portfolios, and printing out for yourself, family and friends.  Printing of images from original artworks or supplied digital files is not to exceed the purchased size.  Making any enlargements above the purchased size is a criminal act.  Images are also not to be sold or given to any third parties and are not to be altered in any way that change the integrity of the image without prior written consent.  Please understand, we remain in business through the exchange of service.

The use of video recording devices and/or your own camera is forbidden during your photoshoot.

Milner Studios reserves the right to use any images created for display, editorial, publication, promotion and advertising purposes.  This could include social media, marketing literature, books, or portfolio on this website.  If you would prefer your images not to be displayed in this way please let us know in writing via email before we hold your reveal and ordering appointment.  After your ordering appointment is completed only the images purchased and those selected by Milner Studios are archived.  All other files may be deleted.  We also make no guarantee that any stored digital files will remain accessible.

Due to the custom nature of photography products, once the order goes into production monies paid cannot be refunded.  Once the order, whether in part or in full, leaves the studio, no refunds are available.  Prices are guaranteed for 30 days from the time of your photoshoot, otherwise they are subject to change without notice.  Prices are non-negotiable.

By booking a photoshoot at milner studios you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions.  We thank you for your respect.


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