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Rob & Sara love the beach and each other.  In fact they are now happily married (on the beach of course) and entering a new phase in their lives together.  No matter who we are, whether your single, in a relationship, or hitched with a family, we all are unique and have a story to tell share and treasure.  If you're are a beach goer, hiker, adventure, avid gamer, sports fanatic, book worm, home maker, business person, or an island in a large sea, we all have a life to document and a story to be bound in a book of creative images.

The Fine Print

A 'Day in a Life" experience will last between 3-6 hours as we move from location to location photographing and exploring the various aspects of your personality interests life and relationships.  It's all relaxed easy paced and thoughtful, as we guide you through the experience.  If younger ones are involved, they will be asked to join in at various times but otherwise they are free to enjoy themselves.  Often they and even yourself may not even realise that you are being photographed as much of what we do is having fun participating in activity based situations that are a big part of your life.

The Book can have up to 90 pages with more than a 100+ creative images that reveal your life and that of your love ones - all captured in a day.  Books can be hard cover or leather bound and that final decision will be discussed when you view your images and make your selections.  In addition to the finely crafted book, you will also get the digital files that appear in the final selection on USB and can be shared on social media and printed to standard print size.

A beautifully bound book with up to 90 pages; a full days photographing for us and experience for your family; 100+ files to keep and share on social media, along with your art book to treasure for ever is a priceless heirloom to be handed down and enjoyed by the whole family.

We are accepting nominations on what you think this is worth and are willing to pay for such an experience and product.  Complete the application below and who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones to be accepted.


We are looking for select couples families or individuals who want to participate to create your very own beautifully bound photographic story book designed to capture your life personality passions relationships and loves, for you to enjoy and keep for the rest of your life.

We can spend our money on paying bills or we can spend some to create something truly unique and valuable to you and those you love.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy and treasure then submit your application.
(Applications close Mar 30 2019)

Let the moments that make your heart beat fast become the wind in your sail

Life in a Day Bound Book Series - rob & sara


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