mike & teri invite you to let your beautiful shine

Have you ever owned a beautiful portrait of yourself that you absolutely love?  Everyone is beautiful in their own way, just the way they are.  Beauty comes from within, so let your beautiful shine through with your very own fashion inspired photo experience  –  it will change the way you see yourself

Let Your Beautiful Shine

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Find Your Very Own Beautiful

Your very own fashion inspired photography experience to success

We believe every one is beautiful and we want to help you let your beautiful shine!  Our goal is to help you see yourself as your love ones see you – Beautiful.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a short tall big or small, we will take you by the hand and reveal the real you without any self doubt or judgement.  You are beautiful today just as you are today.  You don’t have to change, but maybe just see yourself in a whole light





We meet and design the perfect experience

The design consultation allows us to meet and become comfortable with each other in a relaxed environment as we discuss and plan your finding your beautiful session. This way you can be ready to let your beautiful shine when the day comes and bring everything to make it a success. Planning and styling ensures you will get the images your desire and the ones you haven’t even yet realised you want

The Day You Shine

On the day of your experience we’ll have everything ready for when you arrive. There will be an outline of the things you are excited to create, the makeup artist will be ready to put you at ease while they enhance your nature beauty. We’ll also help style your outfits and accessories to make it all flow. There will be no awkward posing, we are there to help you move through each image and make you look your best

We’ll become Best friends – well almost!

It’s not about how long it takes or just making it good enough. We want to show you your best you. Lighting, and showing you how to fall into positions that highlight your features, and making you feel comfortable and confidant are a few of the things we do to help create perfect images. In addition, we will finesse the images as we remove any unwanted bumps and apply artistic rendering to make your photos creatively unique and beautiful

The final results

With great excitement, we will invite you back and blow you away as you view, maybe for the first time in your life, just how beautiful you are. You are free to choose your favourites from the collection of images that will forever remind you that you are valuable and beautiful

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It will change the way you see yourself!