Before the photoshoot

Collaborative PLANNING

As your PORTRAIT SESSION is designed to reflect your lifestyle, personality, and the relationship you share with your loved ones we invite you to begin with a collaborative Planning Consultation at our studio or if needed over the phone.

Not only are we inspired by your input, we what to ensure your portrait session runs as seamlessly as possible. We'll talk about what kinds of portraits you are looking to create and how you are wanting to display them.  We also talk about who will be involved, where best the photoshoot should be held and what types of clothing and important accessories and props to bring along to the shoot.  It's also a perfect opportunity to meet with your photographer and establish a mutual rapport, especially important for young children.

This planning consultation help us understand some of the many facets of your life and begin to translate them into meaningful images that will be reflected in the final artworks.

Look your Best

Hair & Light MAKEOVERS

We can offer hair styling and light makeovers to those who wish to enjoy a little pampering before their portrait sessions.  They usually take around 45 minutes to complete and we encourage those wanting to use this service to arrive separately so their partners and children don't get too bored.

At the photoshoot


PORTRAIT sessions are fun, and are planned in advance to ensure a seamless flow throughout.  We'll talk though the plan and help everyone feel relaxed as we capture you and the connection you share with your love ones.  Portrait session can last 1-2 hours depending on what we are creating for you.  They are never rushed, we work at the pace of those present to make it an enjoyable experience.

We encourage you to bring items that will personalise your portrait session - musical instruments, jackets – leather/denim, coats, hats, scarves, sports equipment (football, bat, racquet, skateboard, hockey stick etc.) favourite toys, hobby items, tea sets, chess sets, dance and cultural items, cars/motorcycles etc.

Include your pet, to make your portraits shine – bring a leash and toys/ treats to keep their attention.

Wear clothes that reflect your personality, solid colours in matching tonal ranges. You can choose to be stylish and casual or as glamorous and fashionable as you like.

Eye for Detail

Behind the SCENES

After the portrait session is done and your on your way home enjoying the experience you've had, we get hard at work sorting our way through the images and selecting the absolute best images created.  The final selection that meet the vision of the planning session then get worked over by the team to meticulously enhance and style the images to bring out and highlight your unique and inner beauty.  We can also do some nips and tucks if needed. 

The Grand Reveal

Viewing & Selection Consultation

This is were you get to enjoy the final leg of the journey, the grand reveal.  Usually around 1-2 weeks after your session, we will arrange a time and day that best suits you and your partner to view your photos and choose your favourites images and decide on the artwork finishes desired.  We want to reassure you there is no hard sell.  We are there to offer advice and our expertise as you consider where and how you decide to display your art pieces.  You are free to spend as much or as little as you like.

One Day is Today ...

Everyone talks about the need to organise a portrait shoot and it's one of those "when I get around to it" items that we just never seem to get too.

Well why not make that one day ... Today!

Australian Institute of Professional Photograhy

Michael has been a member of the Australian institute of Professional Photography from 1996 to 2018.  Over the years he has served on the Victorian Council of AIPP board and in various other roles.

Michael has also on occasions entered national and international competitions and has received many accolades and achievement awards. Some of which are listed here.

Memberships and Awards

Major in Photography  1995 - USA

AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography
1996 - 2018

Qualification in 2014 APP M.Photog

Canon APPA Awards 2010

More than 10 - Canon APPA Awards
2010 - 2014

Multiple - Epson Victorian Awards
2010 - 2012

Our Guarantee

milner studios guarantees their photoshoot results.  If you don't absolutely love the images we create for you, we will refund your photoshoot fee - no questions asked, or we will reshoot your session on us.  While this has never happened, it is always good to know you can rely on us to produce the results that you want.  

Our mission is for you to enjoy your photography experience and to be moved every time you walk past your gorgeous portraits that hang proudly in your home.  It's our guarantee.

Meet Your Photographer & Studio Manager/Stylist

With 25 years of experience making clients look and feel beautiful, nationally recognised photographers Michael & Teri are committed to creating absolutely beautiful and portraits that speak to the heart and warm the soul. 

"If we can make the viewer stop every time they see their portraits and feel an emotion about what the see, then we have created a work of art.  We are always looking and want to create photographs that are unique, emotive and inspiring, that reveals something about the human behind the image"
- Michael & Teri

“Imperfection is beauty
madness is genius!
It‘s better to be
absolutely ridiculous
than boring”



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