mike & teri invite you to let your beautiful shine

Have you ever owned a beautiful portrait of yourself that you absolutely love?  Everyone is beautiful in their own way, just the way they are.  Beauty comes from within, so let your beautiful shine through with your very own fashion inspired photo experience  –  it will change the way you see yourself

Let Your Beautiful Shine

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Find Your Very Own Beautiful

Your very own fashion inspired photography experience to success

We believe every one is beautiful and we want to help you let your beautiful shine!  Our goal is to help you see yourself as your love ones see you – Beautiful.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a short tall big or small, we will take you by the hand and reveal the real you without any self doubt or judgement.  You are beautiful just as you are today.  You don’t have to change, but maybe just see yourself in a whole new light





We meet and design the perfect experience

The design consultation allows us to meet and become comfortable with each other in a relaxed environment as we discuss and plan your finding your beautiful photo experience. This way you can be ready to let your beautiful shine when the day comes and bring everything to make it a success. Planning and styling ensures you will get the images you desire and the ones you haven’t even yet realised you want

The Day You Shine

On the day of your experience we’ll have everything ready for when you arrive. There will be an outline of the things we are excited to create, the makeup artist will be ready to put you at ease while they enhance your natural beauty. We’ll also help style your outfits and accessories to make it all flow. There will be no awkward posing, we are there to help you move through each image and make you look your best

We’ll become Best friends – well almost!

It’s not about how long it takes or just making it good enough. We want to show you your best you. Lighting, and showing you how to fall into positions that highlight your features, and making you feel comfortable and confidant are a few of the things we do to help create perfect images. In addition, we will finesse the images as we remove any unwanted bits and apply artistic rendering to make your photos creatively unique and beautiful

The final results

With great excitement, we will invite you back and blow you away as you view, maybe for the first time in your life, just how beautiful you are. You are free to choose your favourites from the collection of images that will forever remind you that you are valuable and beautiful

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It will change the way you see yourself!
I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in darkness

the astonishing light

of your own being


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Before and Afters

Letting your beautiful shine

Frequently Asked Questions

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There’s no set time.  It can be as long or as short as needed for us to create the images you wish to have made.  Generally, its around 3-4 hours to allow enough time for hair and makeup, styling, photography, and travel to and from locations.  We never rush and plan to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for all

We say ‘when you can make a day of it’.  You’ll feel amazing as you go from hair and makeup, to styling, and then being photographed.  While it’s all about you, as with most things, it’s better shared with your best friend, mum, partner, or sister for an unforgettable girls day out

Our Boutique studio is based in Carrum Downs and is close to numerous freeways for your convenience.  Your photo experience can be held here in our comfortable and well equipped studio and can end up on various locations to round out your portfolio of amazing images.  We will discuss all your options at your planning consultation

Your cinematic viewing is an emotional part of your journey as you experience the joy of seeing yourself as others see you, as your beautiful shines through in absolutely stunning images.  It is held about 1-2 weeks after your photo experience and you will be able to choose and order your favourites

A ‘Your Beautiful’ photo experience is $195, (locations are $295 and includes $100 credit towards your order).  This fee covers hair and makeup for up to 2 people, our creative talent and time in creating amazing images, a planning consultation before your photo shoot to discuss styling, location, what to wear and bring, and other helpful information to make the most of your photo experience.  It also covers the preparation of your professionally edited images for an in-person cinematic viewing at milner studios 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot to choose your favourite images and products, and place your order.

Beautiful prints begin at $180 and packages start at $495.

Yes we accept Visa and MasterCard.  There is also Eftpos facilities available.  We can also arrange a monthly payment plan that can be spread over time of up to 12 months with no interest charges

We love to travel!  If you’d like a photo experience in an exotic locale, or your hometown, please get in touch and we will discuss how to make it happen and what travel fees may apply

Ask us a question and we’ll answer it as soon as possible


What others are saying about their experience
Read their experiences
Jane and her amazing smile

Dear Mike & Teri

As you know, growing up for me wasn’t easy. I lost my dad when I was only 8 years old and all through my school years I was bullied one way or another. High School was the worst as teenage girls can be very cruel. I have always struggled with my weight and I have never seen myself as beautiful in any way shape or form. I guess if you get told often enough that you are fat or ugly, you start believing it.

Before I stepped into Milner Studios I felt really unattractive. Mike and Teri made me feel welcome and very comfortable. Teri did my hair and makeup and was very informative about what she was doing every step of the way. I couldn’t believe the final result as I looked in the mirror.  I looked and felt beautiful. When I stepped in front of the camera, Mike really made me feel at ease and made the whole experience one that I will never forget. Being a bigger woman I was really unsure of what I would look like in the finished photos but I loved all of them. I would like to thank you Mike and Teri for the whole experience, you really made me look at myself in a totally different way.


Kate looking absolutely confident in her appearance

Having struggled all my life with a sense of inadequacy and lack of respect to myself I have never enjoyed being the centre of attention. In more recent years I have given myself to caring for my husband and our children while neglecting myself entirely; at the cost of my health.  When I came to your studio with my mother we were made to feel so welcome that all nervousness disappeared. It would be the first time in more than a decade, and since losing over 40kg, that I was looking forward to having my picture taken. For my mum, maybe the first time ever!

Both mum and I really enjoyed the experience and felt like we were indeed special. Although the focus was on us it felt more like a drawing out of what was really inside of us, just needing encouragement from another persons perspective. So what we saw in our finished photographs was entirely different to our own perspective; beautiful, more vibrant, laughing and alive.  Ever since our incredible session at Milner Studios I’ve  felt much more confident and I will never forget how it has shown me to look more positively in the mirror. Thank you both for showing us what others see, and helping our beautiful shine through!


Mike and Teri,

I wanted to thank you both for the fantastic experience that Skye and I shared with you at milner studios.   We were so excited for the day, organising our clothes, jewellery and things, and I was so happy that Skye and I were able to experience it together, and its something we’ll never forget. Everything about the afternoon was perfect, the specialised space that you have, and the atmosphere you created, the makeup, the hair, everything was just perfect, and you’re very skilled professionals.  We both had a fun and relaxed time and we’ve got the portraits up at home and we’ve had so many people comment on how beautiful they are.  I’ll recommend you to everybody that I know who ever questions how beautiful they are, and  thank you so much again for helping Skye and myself let our beautiful shine through.

You are both truly amazing, thank you.


glamour photography
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